Community First

Community First Group is an organization focused on community improvement through providing unbiased news, education, recovery, and jobs, with the goal of reducing crime, recidivism, and enriching lives.

Based in Sacramento, Community First Group seeks to make an impact locally and nationwide.

Who We Are

From the PSN Team

Community First Group is an outgrowth of Public Safety News. We seek to use our unique news reporting model and resources to bring positive change in Sacramento and across the country.

What We Do

Media Development & Production

We aim to help educate the public on local crime trends and how to be safe. Also, our rapid alert and reporting model helps inform the public with factual news and information when danger is present.

Addiction Recovery Program

We’ve partnered with a proven addiction recovery program that’s helped addicts across the world. By helping people break the chains of addiction, we restore lives and families and make our communities safer and stronger.

In-Prison & Post-Prison Programs

We aim to work with current and former inmates to reduce crime and recidivism. By reducing crime and recidivism, we make communities safer, families stronger, and reduce the chances that children of inmates will follow the same path.

Job Creation, Development, & Placement

We strive to create many jobs that will be friendly for former inmates; providing them with gainful employment in an atmosphere where they can safely grow and learn while being held accountable.

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