Public Safety News

Public Safety News

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Public Safety News (PSN) is a group of independent photojournalists, journalists and action news enthusiasts passionate about capturing breaking news and bringing it to you. PSN also provides newsrooms with footage and photographs of incidents and events rapidly.

The PSN team differs from conventional “stringers” because they do not focus on catering to the newsrooms. Instead, PSN focuses on serving the community as their Tactical Photojournalists.

Many of the members of the PSN team have a professional EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement or Military background, which gives PSN a depth of field experience not found with most news teams.

The PSN team receives regular training in scene safety, how to work with on-scene officials and on-scene protocol.

PSN operates with the philosophy: “In this new media world, Local Media MUST connect with their viewers Community.”

If you’re not covering ALL the LOCAL News that affects your community, you’re not Connecting with your Community. So, while corporations cut local news budgets and demand more, PSN covers the void.

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