Our Mission & Vision

We join residents and local officials to make our communities better and safer places to live.

We also work to reach the incarcerated to restore lives and families.

Our mission is to reduce crime, recidivism, and to enrich lives by providing unbiased news, education, recovery, and jobs in Sacramento and across the country.

Community First Group Team

Our Goals

Reduce Recidivism

Reducing crime and recidivism makes our communities safer.

Create Jobs

We seek to provide jobs for those who often struggle to find work.

Restore Families

We seek to restore families that have been harmed by addiction and crime.

Educate the Public

We aim to help educate the public on local crime trends and how to be safe.

Improve Communities

We want to make communities safer and better places to live.

Help Nationwide

We seek to make a positive difference in communities across the country.

Our Programs

We pursue our goals through media development, addiction recovery, in-prison and post-prison programs, job creation and placement.

Media Development & Production

We aim to help educate the public on local crime trends and how to be safe.

Also, our rapid alert and reporting model helps inform the public with factual news and information when danger is present.

Addiction Recovery Program

We aim to help addicts to overcome their addictions with the proven system of the RU Recovery Program (over 80% success rate).

By helping people break the chains of addiction, we restore lives and families and make our communities safer and stronger.

In-Prison & Post-Prison Programs

More than 90% of inmates involved with drugs or other addictions, relapse and recidivate in 1 to 3 years after their release.

We aim to work to reduce crime and recidivism by engaging inmates and former inmates with the RU Inside Program and RU Plus Program. Both programs have help inmates and former inmates across the United States to change their lives.

By reducing crime and recidivism, we make our community safer, families stronger, and reduce the chances that children of inmates will follow the same path.

Job Creation, Development, & Placement

We strive to create many jobs that will be friendly for former inmates; providing them with gainful employment in an atmosphere where they can safely grow and learn while being held accountable. 

Also, we intend to run a job temp agency; providing a wide-range of entry-level employees to employers while we provide the oversight and the payroll logistics.

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